Accessing the station building

The following Members have keys to access the station and most importantly, turn off the alarms:

Ivan :- 07921 247607 / 01480 217037
David Stapleton :- 07914 928469 / 01480 394633
Pete Moss :- 07802 720173
Adam :- 07719 341044 Andy Hobbs:- 01480 473160

Our Lone Working Policy says that for our own health and safety we should not be working alone on site without prior notification and an agreed contact/check-in process. It’s preferable if work is done on a Wednesday or Saturday but if two of you need to get in to the building to get materials or tools for an ad-hoc work session, or to work on or use the trains please check if one of the above is able to let you in.

If no one is available then there is a spare set of keys held by Lucy Elbourne who lives relatively close to the station. Please call Lucy on 07834 895708 and she will arrange with you to deliver the keys to you or for you to collect them from her. It is then your responsibility to set the alarm, lock up and return the keys after you have finished. The keys should be returned to Lucy or one of the Committee members ASAP so they are available for the next Member.