Our Vision

Community, Inclusivity and Sustainability.
These three words capture the vision of Riverside Miniature Railway Club, we are building a railway within the community that is fully inclusive and which not only tries to use sustainable materials, but is committed to sustainable operation.
We have become an integral part of the community in and around St Neots and over time will contribute to this in wide ranging ways, beyond simply providing a fun way to spend some time.
We welcome anybody who is prepared to help in constructing or operating our miniature railway to join us, we can promise there will be a role for everyone !
We will use recycled and recyclable materials wherever possible around our railway and we are creating an environment and habitat that encourages mainly indigenous flora and fauna. Our station buildings are recycled shipping containers, our fencing is made from pallet wood, our track sleepers are made of recycled plastic and we harvest our rainwater to use in our steam engine and water our plants. Even our path and roadway through our site are made from recycled crushed road planings.
Beyond this we will operate our club in a manner that ensures a long and sustainable future for our railway in its home at the heart of St Neots.
Ivan Hewlett – Chairman RMR

Track Plan: Blue – Phase 1 (approx 310m) completed,

Red – Phase 2 (approx 350m),

Yellow – phase 3 (sidings)